[FREE SSL]: How to Enable or Turn On HTTPS in Blogger

After implementing HTTPS to Google’s search engine, Gmail, Google Drive, and Adwords, now Google has enabled HTTPS to Blogger. Google launches this features for bloggers to secure the global internet. Google is always trying to secure its product with high-quality services.
How to Enable or Turn On HTTPS in Blogger

Blogger platform is one of the best free blogging platform. Many top bloggers are doing their job in blogger platform. So Google decides to launch the HTTPS service for BlogSpot blog users. The most important thing is that HTTPS is totally free of cost. That's mean; now you can save your blog from hackers without paying money.

Advantages of Using HTTPS in Blogger

HTTPS will secure readers from stopping traffic from unauthorized redirection and malware injection.
It will secure users’ actions and communications.
It's fixed the ISP block problem.

How to Enable or Turn On HTTPS in Blogger

To enable HTTPS on your BlogSpot blog, read the full tutorial given below-
Frist, sign-in to your Blogger account.
Choose the blog to enable HTTPS support.
Browse “Settings > Basic” section where you will find “HTTPS settings.”
Click on the drop-down menu shown beside “HTTPS Availability” and select “Yes“.
How to Enable or Turn On HTTPS in Blogger
Now check your blog address, You will see there a secure green mark.

Issues of Using HTTPS in Blogger

Free https:// security is not available for "Custom Domain" users. It is available only for .blogspot.com users.
If you are using custom template, you will face some HTTP and HTTPS mix problem

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